Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Couple More

Dont ask why it took two seperate posts, i have no idea, but here are a couple more picturesThe lovely Village of Wangala, where another volunteer lives and I got to visit for the weekend. You see a lot of beautiful African sunrises when you're getting up at 5:30 every morning.
Its so weird to be walking around a tiny African village, go into a restaurant, and see a mural of Tupac staring back at you from the wall.


Ellyn said...

Great to get some photos! You look right at home fixing(?) the bike tire! The scenery is really beautiful. Love, Ellyn

Melody said...

Wellw ell moco. haha between you and all my other friends in teh peace corps, reading your posts have been most entertaining. What does Nasara mean? Lilly Bertz keeps getting called "Barbie" or something like "Snow White" down in St. Lucia..

ho hum. good luck with the bugs.

Danielle T said...


im so glad you have a blog so i can read about all your adventures! i love the pics.

a care package will be coming your way ASAP!

love you!

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