Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a quick one....

I've only got a few minutes left on the internet after checking email, so I thought Id let you all know I'm still alive. Three of our group of 37 volunteers have gone home already, which was sad to see but actually has reinforced my resolve that this is something I really want to do, despite all the challenges. Challenges so far have included the heat, the bugs, not speaking French well, and not speaking the local language of Moore at all. But every day is interesting in the village and Im doing well.
Just to give an idea of my daily schedule:

5:30 wake up to the sounds of donkeys and prayer from the mosque next door, and untangle myself from my mousquito net
5:45 take a shower- this means stand in the latrine and use a bucket of water to wash myself
6:30 eat breakfast with my host father in our courtyard while little kids sit around and watch. attempt to speak french with him
8-5 have language class and technical training, usually under a tree in the village with 4 other volunteers and a crowd of kids watching. bike back to my house with kids yelling nasara at me the whole way
5-7pm sit with all the kids in my family compound and attempt to learn Moore, the local language from them; which is usually pretty entertaining. the women (who dont speak french) all laugh at me when i try to greet them
7pm eat dinner with my host father, again with kids watching my every move...women and children generally eat seperately so its just him and I and sometimes a random cousin or uncle that stops by. dinner usually covers topics such as explaining snow to him, or trying to explain why Tupac is dead (his music has made it over here, but not the news that hes not around anymore)
8pm retreat to bed, tuck in my mousquito net and get ready for the next day

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Shirley said...

Oh Morgan....bathing in a latrine? Okay, okay, I won't dwell on the images that come to mind! :) It's so nice reading of your experiences..especially of your commitment..or determination...Either way, you sound confident and that's what matters most...Things are good here....Amazed at our weather....warm, warm, and more was a lovely weekend...clear blue skies, warm temps, and fresh crisp air....Just what we needed....Winter usually comes with such a fury that it's nice to have a warm and vibrant fall....Your father, Samuel, and I went for a walk in the woods today and we were amazed at the many colors...Perhaps we'll send you a few leaves to not only remind you of home, but to share as well....Take care and know you are in our thoughts....Looking forward to your next posting....Love you, Shirley

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