Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Picture Goodness

Thanksgiving was fabulous, complete with turkeys and stuffing. No cranberry sauce but somehow we made do. Here is the whole group of us that are living with host families in Rikou, along with our language trainer Yvette. A little sad to be leaving soon, but cant wait to get to my site in a couple weeks! New address to come soon...Me and my little brother Nuru. I love him and want to take him with me to Tin.


Ellyn said...

Wonderful photo with Nuru! You look so happy. Love, Ellyn

Melody said...

a few thoughts:
1) your little brother is adorable. pack him up and take him with you.

2) the little asian girl in your program looks like she'd be the first to get voted off the island.

3) why is kalaris posing so sexy?

4) I recently read this article about 'cougar' old women going to kenya to have carefree, no-strings-attached sex. Don't become a cougar.

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