Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I will be moving to my permanent site this weekend (I officially swore in as a volunteer this past friday!!) so
please take note of my new address if you're one of the amazing people who likes to send me cards, letters, packages, happiness, etc:

Morgan Cole, PCV
s/c Corps de la Paix
BP 1065
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

On that note, here are things that I like to get in packages, categorized by type:

FOOD: things that dont go bad and are hard to get here
meat (tuna, chicken, etc in those vacuum-sealed bags)
cheese (parmeasan, velveeta, cheese whiz, etc)
beef jerkey
sauce packets (just add water stuff is great like cream sauce, pesto, etc)
just add water stuff in general, like baking mixes and soup packets
maple syrup!!
snacks- chex mix, chips, munchies of any sort
dried fruit (craisins, pinapple, etc)
magazines, both trashy and otherwise
pictures from home
anything you can think of, its all appreciated!!


mocosmom said...

Dear Morgan, Happy New Year! We are so proud of you and love to read your accounts of Burkina Faso. We had a wonderful christmas with beautiful white deep snow but missed your sorely and now have 3 inches of water covering one big sheet of ice accross the farm. Tres (Kunsi's large black puffy standard poodle puppy) has made friends the the short black fuzzy dexter cows and it is quite entertaining to watch. We have also had a bald eagle hanging out which in amazing. We send love (and packages.) big hugs and kisses, Mom, Kevin, Ben, Auntie Beth, Uncle Peter, Emily, Kunsi and Tres.

Burkina Connection said...
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Burkina Connection said...

(ooops...wrong link in original post)
As a member of Friends of Burkina Faso, I'm reaching out to all current PCVs in Burkina right now. We are trying to win "America's Giving Challenge" and we need your help. I'm hoping that you'll have internet access soon and that you'll be willing to upload the widget from the project website onto your blog. Help spread the word so that this project wins an additional $50,000! Merci.

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