Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip to Sindou

This will be a short update (better one to come soon, I promise!), but I just wanted to post some pictures from a trip a few weeks ago. A bunch of volunteers got together in the town of Sindou, most famous for it's lovely peaks. This time, however, the big attraction for us was a huge barrage (man-made lake) in a nearby village. We biked out there, getting lost a couple times and eventually made our way to what seemed like a beautiful green oasis in the middle of Burkina. Enjoy the pictures! Finally, happy fathers day to my own Dad, Kevin, Papa, and Grandpa Phil!
The barrage near Sindou, the closest thing to a beach that you can get here in Burkina.

Local fishermen out in wooden canoes to fish, and one was nice enough to take a few of us out for a mini-tour. He paddled while we bailed water...

The whole group


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Adriane DV said...

Your canoe paddling man picture would be wonderful reproduced onto a very large canvas someday, it's gorgeous, along with so many others. I hope your hard, sweaty work there will still be a joy for you to remember in the years to come. I am soooooo proud of you!
xoxoxo, Adriane

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