Sunday, July 20, 2008

Want To Help?

We, the Peace Corps volunteers in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso, need your help! We are working in affiliation with a local NGO called SOS Enfants to raise funds to distribute Mosquito Nets to orphans, vulnerable children, and pregnant women in our region. Not only are the mosquitoes here annoying, but their malaria affects at least one member of every household and kills hundreds of children per year. Please help us by donating: $5 per net, easy-to-do online steps, and tax deductable.

For more information, and to give, go to this link:

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Ellyn said...

i will pass info on to my friends. Am in Santa Monica with my sister & brother-in-law who are visiting from Florida, watching Red Sox Yankees game (he's a Yankees fan)! Cindy had not seen your blog before. I showed her all the photos & added it to her bookmarks (yes, I'm using a MacBook Pro). She says she's going to send you off a pkg when she gets back to Florida. Wish you could be here. We're at my niece Christina's apt, less than a mile from the beach, with a nice cool breeze blowing off the Pacific. Miss you. Love, Ellyn

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