Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Post For The Visually-Inclined

Abbas, pouting after his haircut

Lori, Lindsey and I after a guest appearance with an English club at the high school in Orodara

It is most definitely mango season! These are all waiting to be loaded into a huge truck which will come and pay kids to load it up using baskets, and then the mangos are shipped off to various destinations. I'm trying to eat as many as possible now, knowing that I wont be seeing many in Vermont after my service here.

Bakary (the son of my neighbor friend Sinaly) and his lovely new wife at their wedding. It happened to be on my birthday, which made for a fun party.

Fishermans' boats and netting at Cape Coast in Ghana

Matt, Lindsey, and I in Ghana attempting to get some last minute studying done before going into the testing center for the GRE. Apparently I was worried, Lindsey was concerned, and Matt blissfully confident.
Me, Katherine, Matt, Stephanie, and Linda, who all shared a host village during training and have all made it this far!


Ellyn said...

I always love to see photos...the bride looks very young.

mocosmom said...

Excellent posting! Abbas looks adorable as always. Bakary and his wife look beautiful. Now Ben's gift shirt from Abibata makes even more sense. I am glad the GREs went much better for you than your expression indicated!

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